The Nehemiah Project – The Nehemiah Project is a 12-year initiative being spearheaded by MAM to bring renewal to the region. Learn more about your church can be involved in classis-wide initiatives aimed to bring a missional focus to our denomination in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Consulting – MAM provides individual church consulting to congregations who are looking for ways to renew their ministry.  Contact us to set up a time for us to learn more about your needs and how we can help. Contact.

The Renewal Lab – This laboratory provides a learning environment where students, church pastors, and other church leaders come together to talk about their current ministry and seek to raise the evangelistic atmosphere, temperature, and practices of their church. For more information about how your church can participate, contact Keith Doornbos.

Go Local – Go Local helps your church gain laser focus on how the Gospel speaks to the spiritual and material needs within and around your community. Contact Go Local coordinator Brent Averill to learn more.

Ignite – Ignite encourages and enables new ministry innovation and initiatives by providing seed money and mentorship and other resources to support the new ministry for a short time until it can support itself.